We help women launch, relaunch and build their careers at the highest level possible.

LevelUp Careers provides resources, education, and guidance to ambitious professional women seeking to advance their careers and maximize their potential. Every career advisor and contributor to LevelUp brings with them professional expertise informed by personal experience, having themselves applied the principles and data from LevelUp to maximize their career.

We bring together the data from renowned researchers, along with the advice from leading career advisors to help women achieve their own personal ideal.

Why LevelUp?

In our experience interviewing 1,000’s of professionals, we witnessed a pattern. Regardless of background, level, or function, women have a tendency to begin their job search with compromise and lower expectations, believing they should only apply for jobs for which they are fully qualified. Men however, aim higher, and consequently receive higher level placements.  Not only does the data demonstrate that the wage gap is real, the data also confirms our observations – that women apply for jobs only when they are 100% qualified, while men apply when they are only 60% qualified. Consequently, the Hiring Gap is real.

At LevelUp Careers, we stand side-by-side with women who want more, and help women gain the confidence and knowledge they need to aim higher and think One LevelUp as they contemplate their next career move. We help women confidently challenge the status-quo, position themselves for the highest salary possible, and obtain the work-life balance that their lifestyle requires. We believe that negotiation starts long before the offer process, and that the right starting strategy for each job search will yield a better job, a better offer, and a better career path for the future.

How We Help Our Members

Whether by seminar, 1:1 consulting or our blog, we’re constantly pursuing the mission of closing the wage gap through education and awareness, one woman and success story at a time.

Through our job search training courses, attendees learn how to:

  1. get interviews for jobs BEFORE they are posted
  2. interview successfully, and
  3. negotiate early for the strongest offer possible, so you can feel confident you’re truly getting paid what you’re worth.