We aim to help every woman close her own personal wage gap, and her hiring gap, leading to a more fulfilling, personally rewarding, and better paying career.  We hope you’ll join us and achieve your own career dream.

Our Values inform our daily work, and provide a framework for each member as we consider our individual and collective contribution to the LevelUp community and the support of women in their careers. In particular, we hold most dear:

  • Success Without Compromise: We believe in high ethical standards in our daily work. Success can be achieved without compromising our values, and we aim to help every woman find a job in which she can do the same.
  • Support: Together we are stronger. We’ve designed LevelUp to be mutually supportive, with every woman contributing to the the community by sharing their successes, frustrations, encouragement and advice.Each member of the community commits to extending this generosity in their daily support of women in the workplace.
  • Passion: We believe that passion is a fundamental component of career success. If you don’t love your job, then we haven’t done ours. We are passionate about helping every woman achieve the success they deserve, and helping every woman find a career in which their passion drives even further success.
  • Knowledge: We provide unparalleled expertise and resources on career success, along with a curated selection of the best resources at each point in your job search, so that you don’t have to scour the internet for the most effective resources to help you achieve your goals.
  • Results: LevelUp is only as successful as each member of our community, and we’re dedicated as an organization to helping you achieve your goals. We succeed when you succeed.