Suzanne O’Brien, Founder

Graduating just months after an economic downturn, Suzanne and many of her classmates found themselves without job prospects, and without a path to finding them. Through a few lucky breaks and some great advice, Suzanne scored a paid internship and began her career climb, making adjustments along the way as she uncovered her passions, skills and interests.

Along the way, she built a network of executives, constantly tapping them for career advice, and guidance. She made sure to take the time to carefully catalog her successes and learnings, and share them with her friends along the way.

After successfully navigating 3 drastic career changes and building a strong reputation as an executive recruiter, Suzanne has developed a data-backed job search approach that works. Her approach helps women confidently find, apply for, interview and negotiate for the jobs of their dreams.

Suzanne is bicoastal, spending much of her time at her home in Los Angeles, but regularly visiting family and friends in New York and Boston and Philadelphia, where she grew up.

Suzanne is supported by a team of professionals, career consultants and career mentors who together make sure that LevelUp provides the best service, advice and guidance for our community.

You can read more about Suzanne’s professional and executive coaching on her personal website at www.thesuzanneobrien.com.