The Most Important Thing You Can Do BEFORE Writing Your Resume

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The foundation of every successful initiative is a strong plan. Knowing where to start is sometimes the hardest part, which is why so many of us end up scouring job sites, applying, and never hearing back.

leveluppyramidTo help every woman develop their personalized, job-search strategy, I want to share with you the LevelUp Career Pyramid – which includes the key components of your search.  As you read more, you’ll see how each of these areas supports a strong search, and you’ll learn about the tactics and planning that will help you succeed at each step along the way.

As a first step to building your personalized, job search strategy, you need to change the way you look at yourself, your skills and your coursework. Then, you need to consolidate your value into 3 memorable points about yourself.  We call this your “3 things”, or your brand.

Your 3 things is at the heart of every conversation you have, will help you structure your mentor network, help you build your resume, and help you target the right jobs.

Graduating seniors who haven’t developed a thoughtful, job search strategy,

1. Undersell themselves: and miss some of the key value that they bring to the table

2. Tell people what they want to hear

If you make this mistake, you end up selling yourself for the job you don’t want, and you only get to spend 10% of your time doing the job you love.

Traps that make you think you aren’t as valuable:

1. You are a natural: the things you do the most and love the most are usually easy and fun for you. Without giving it a thought, you don’t talk about those things because they aren’t hard, so you don’t place value on them.  What you don’t realize is that it’s not easy for everyone else who doesn’t do it every day, so they (more often than not) place a lot of value on the things that are fun and easy for you.

2. You don’t believe you’re qualified unless you meet 100% of the requirements for the role, like most women.

3. You believe that if you work hard and prove yourself you’ll be rewarded with a promotion and a raise, so you’re ok with starting small, and proving yourself.

The reality:

  1. You are a natural: and people will place value on that, as long as you show them how valuable you can be to their business
  2. If you’ve done 100% of the work required in a job before, then you’re overqualified. The right jobs provide you with a platform to use your raw skills and talent 80% of the time, and leverage your common sense and smarts to figure out the other 20%.
  3. When you start small, people tend to keep you there. You deserve a good job now, and will also work hard, and get promoted from there. Your starting point can’t and won’t change, so start bigger and your career will grow faster.

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