Step-By-Step Checklist to Getting Your Dream Job

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Week 1 – Learn About Yourself

The CEO of HP, Meg Whitman, once told me that "strategy is not what choose to focus on, it's what you choose to ignore." Here's your chance to focus on what REALLY matters to you.

  • 1. Set a hire date
Define what you’re looking for – LevelUp Triangle
  • 2. Decide on your preferred location
  • 3. Decide on your preferred industry
  • 4. Decide on your preferred function (marketing, sales, programming, HR, etc.)
  • 5. Rank which of these is most important, 2nd most important, and which you’re willing to give on.
  • 6. Start writing a Pride List, daily. You should include anything and everything that you have done and you're proud of. If you’re going to be able to talk about yourself, you need to be thinking about what you've done every day. You can’t expect yourself to dig it up in the middle of the interview and be well-spoken.
Inform yourself:
  • 7. Find 1 industry publication and
  • 8. 1 functional publication to read weekly.
  • 9. Sign up for daily job alerts – Indeed is a great place to start. Why daily? Because you probably will avoid reading them most of the time. Getting a job is about daily diligence, not weekly avoidance. Reading job alerts will help you get used to the language of what you do.
Professionalize your online brand:
  • 10. take the bikini shot, or the "shots" shot, off your facebook profile,
  • 11. make sure your privacy settings are appropriately managed, and
  • 12. sign up for LinkedIn (no need to complete your entire profile yet).

Week 2 – Build Your Resources

  • 13. Buy 2 interview outfits, and a nice pair of jeans that you can wear to more casual meetings with a blazer and,
  • 14. get one of your friends to take a photo of you looking like a professional in one of your new interview outfits.
  • 15. Define your headline - what 3 words describe you best? Focus on your function (HR, marketing, sales, engineering), and remember to position yourself for the job you want.
  • 16. Figure out the answer to that question “what are you going to do when you graduate?”
  • 17. Start building your LinkedIn profile
a. You've already got your headline! Add it now. b. Add your college degree (include your GPA if it’s over a 3.0, if it’s not, calculate your GPA in your MAJOR, and include that GPA instead).
  • 18. Write a 1 paragraph summary with 3 bullet points about yourself. Post it to your LinkedIn profile in the Summary section

Weeks 3 and 4 – Get to Know Your Network

Learn about your network!
  • 19. Download our tracking spreadsheet, personalize it, and get ready to hit the GO button!
  • 20. ADD everyone to the list, then start filtering.
  • 21. Write your introductory email
  • 22. Reach out to 5 people/week on your list. Your goal is to get to 21 meetings (3 meetings/week for 7 weeks). This is all about practice. The more people you talk to, the better you will get.
  • 23. Define what you want to get out of each meeting
  • 24. Practice 1 meeting with a friend (NOT your parents)
  • 25. Get feedback after your meetings
  • 26. Build your target company list and possible job titles.

30 Days – Start Applying

Write your resume, and start applying - 30 days in
  • 27. Start building your resume – use the information from your informational interviews to help guide your content.
  • 28. Have at least 2 people edit your resume for typos.
  • 29. Write a cover letter.
  • 30. Do at least 3 mock interviews – you wouldn’t do a speech without practicing it first – this is a high stakes game! Get your game on!
  • 31. Update your network 1x/month. Get it on your calendar and STICK to it.
  • 32. Check the top 10 companies on your company list WEEKLY, for new job postings.
  • 33. Learn how to identify the most important things in a job posting, and update your resume, cover letter and interview prep accordingly.
  • 34. Send thank you notes the SAME DAY, after each interview
  • 35. Get the offers - Get prepared for managing timelines and multiple offers!