Why So Many College Graduates Are Unemployed

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Most colleges require all students to take (or pass out of) English 101. But what, beyond a couple of seminars and a few conversations with an advisor, has your school done to teach you how to write a resume, how to find a job, and how to be a great interviewer? Imagine if you spent as much time on your job search as you did writing essays for English 101...I'm willing to bet it would yield a better job at graduation.

Bold statement, yet true for almost every college and university in the US. The majority of college students are not getting the preparation, education and practice that you need to launch a truly successful and strong job search.

The good news? If you're a natural interviewer and have an incredibly strong network and know exactly what you want to do, you win!

For the rest of us, you are facing a long, exhausting job search. The data shows that you will likely end up settling, significantly, and feeling disappointed.  You probably have a few friends who graduated last year and took a job they don't love because they needed to start somewhere. No one went to college so they could spend 90% of their time getting coffee for someone else.  While that might be PART of paying your dues, it shouldn't be your primary responsibility.

You've worked super hard, for at least 10 years, to get into college and then excel at college, finally getting to graduation.  You've put in a lot of this time and effort, with the goal of getting the job of your dreams and starting your adult life with a great career. You deserve to feel good about your first and most important career step.

If you are wondering:

  • "How on earth am I going to get a great job?"
  • "What kind of job do I even want?"
  • "Why am I not getting called for interviews?"
  • "Where are all the good jobs?"
  • "I know what I don't want - but how do I figure out what I do want?"
  • "How is it possible that John over there got that great job when I worked harder, got better grades and actually showed up to class? Why aren't they calling me?"

We are here to help. There are lots of data-backed reasons (AND SOLUTIONS) for all of the questions your'e asking yourself. We have been there, and know the market better than almost anyone, both as jobseekers, recruiters, and avid readers of research, and we want to help you find happiness and career success from the start.

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