The Single Most Important Reason Why You Don’t Have a Job Yet

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While you’ve been busy working hard and getting good grades, some of your classmates were honing their networking skills, and campaigning for jobs.

You’ve been successful in life so far because high school does an excellent job of preparing you to get into, and excel in college. And for people who believe that if you work hard, you’ll get rewarded, this system works perfectly. Take a look at the below matrix for how you get into college, and you’ll see what I mean.


To answer the question at hand, the single most important reason that you don’t have a job yet, is because college does an excellent job of preparing you to get into, and excel in graduate school.


College does NOT do a good job of preparing you to get a great job.

All those red circles represent The Failure Gap.  Without the skills to really convey your value, you’re going to miss out on the best opportunities.

Interestingly, men are trained from a very young age to be better at the skills they need to get the job. So your male classmates, even if they haven’t earned good grades and been good students, have an advantage, and the data confirms it. They are more likely to start their career in better jobs, and get more money for the same work.  Add that together, and you could have a lifetime of career frustration ahead of you.

You can change that, if you START SMART, and our Career Launch Weekends can help.

I started LevelUp so I could help other women start smart, avoid career frustration, and get the jobs we all deserve, so you can launch your career on a strong foundation and build from there. That sounds so much better than fighting your way to get what you deserve, doesn’t it?

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